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Glaze Kitchen Services 

Here at Ceramica, we offer custom mixed glazes from recipes provided by you. These can include anything from stains, slips, glazes, or even simply individual dry materials that you would like to keep around.

When requesting individual materials please make the request at least one business day before you plan to pick them up.

  • Please email , or call us at 919-694-5225 to order.

  • We will provide your material orders in clear plastic bags, labeled accordingly to what you ordered.

  • You can purchase materials in ounces or pounds.

  • There is a bagging fee for materials:

    • $1 for less then 5lbs​

    • $2 for 5lbs or more

If you are requesting our custom glaze mixing services, there are few guidelines we want you to be aware of before ordering:

  • Send an email that includes the recipe in weight or percentages and the amount that you wish made, in pounds or grams only. Please provide a clear picture or text of your recipe, and we will send you a quote for the price. Pricing is variable for each glaze due to individual materials' cost.

  • A $10 flat fee is included in addition to price per pound.

  • There is a one pound minimum for custom glazes.

  • For custom glazes we require a 50% deposit before we begin making them. We can take your card details over the phone to place the deposit.

  • The custom glazes that Ceramica makes are dry mixes which means that you will have to add water and mix and seive the glazes yourself.

  • Custom glazes will be ready for pickup in two business days after we receive the deposit.

Ceramica does not guarantee the results of custom glaze. Results are dependent on but not limited to: type and thickness of application, firing type and temperature, and clay body.

We highly encourage you to test any new glaze on your clay before ordering a large quantity.

Get your clay chemicals from Ceramica!
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