Glaze Kitchen Services Guidelines

Here at Ceramica, we offer you the option to buy a custom mixed glaze from a recipe you provide us. These can include anywhere from stains, slips, glazes, or even simply individual dry materials that you would like to keep around.

If you are requesting our glaze kitchen services, there are few guidelines we want you to be aware of before ordering:


  • Start by emailing or calling us about your recipe. You can then provide a picture or text of your recipe by email, and we will get you a price quote. Pricing is variable for each glaze due to individual materials costing differently.

  • Please give us 3 days heads-up to finish any order. We can get your glazes, materials, and slips weighted, and dry or wet mixed within 5 days.

    • Any expedited orders will have a $10 flat fee on them

  • Minimum glaze mixing quantity is 1lb. We can make you a half pound sample of your recipe.

  • We will provide your material orders in clear bags, labeled accordingly to what you ordered.

    • If you have orders that exceed 18 lbs. (≈ 8,000g) in quantity, please provide us with your own buckets or containers. Otherwise, you’ll be charged $5.50 for a 5-gallon bucket container, lid included.

  • There’s a flat fee of $15 of wet mixing any of custom requested glazes or slips, buckets included. We can wet mix any of the dry glazes we carry in our store.

  • If you are a new customer, we require you to pay 50% down payment for our glaze kitchen services.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to Fahad at: