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Glaze Kitchen Services 

Here at Ceramica, we offer custom mixed glazes from recipes provided by you. These can include anything from stains, slips, glazes, or even simply individual dry materials that you would like to keep around.  Click here to see our list of available materials.

If you are requesting our glaze kitchen services, there are few guidelines we want you to be aware of before ordering:


  • Start by emailing or call us about your recipe. Please provide a clear picture or text of your recipe by email, and we will get you a price quote. Pricing is variable for each glaze due to individual materials' cost.

  • Any same day, expedited, or rush orders will have a $10 flat fee added to them.

  • Minimum glaze mixing quantity is 1lb. 

  • We will provide your material orders in clear plastic bags, labeled accordingly to what you ordered.

  • If you are a new customer, we require a 50% down payment for our glaze kitchen services.

  • Here is the basic information we require from you when requesting a glaze:

    1. Glaze Recipe with ingredients by weights or percentages

    2. Total amount needed (in pounds or grams only)

    3. Date needed 

    4. Wet mixed & sieved  ( costs extra) or Dry 

Please email , or call us at 919-694-5225 to order

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