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We have a  full line up of pottery supplies and equipment from the top manufacturers on hand.

We carry Highwater, Laguna, and Standard clays . Our minimum order is 25 lbs and we're happy to order as much as you need! 

We  stock hundreds of  glazes and underglazes by Amaco, Coyote, and  Laguna, and we try keep all of the most popular glazes in stock.  Don't see what you're looking for, we will be happy to order it for you.  

In addition to clay and glazes, we offer many  tools and supplies from the most popular makers like Mud Tools, MKM, Kemper, Xiem, along with Speedball bats, Corelite kiln shelves, kiln posts, kiln stilts, kiln wash, pyrometers, Pyrometric cones, Forbes wax, Magic Water,plaster bats,  Potter's plaster, Liquid slip, Gold Luster Overglaze, Mason Stains,  Underglaze decals, Overglaze decals....and so much more!

We also carry an extensive assortment of Raw Materials for glaze making.  Most items are available in 1 lb to 25 lb increments. We can make your glaze from a recipe and have it ready in a couple of days! For more information, read in this page.


     .....Take a peek inside our store, view the slideshow below.....

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