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Rosalie Midyette

Rosalie Midyette received her B.F.A from UNC-Asheville. Currently she is a resident artist at Silverado Fabricators and Makers Services in Durham, NC.  Here at Silverado she makes sculpture with a variety of techniques from hand-building clay and wax, carving foam, mold making and casting in bronze and brass.  Rosalie finishes her work with layers of subtle color in both mica-treatments and patinas.  She teaches private lessons as well as workshops at Silverado, but at  N.C. State Crafts Center, Claymakers, Sertoma Arts Center and Ceramica.  Rosalie’s work is on display in Craven Allen Gallery, Bev’s Fine Art and FRANK Gallery, as well as selective rotational shows.

Introduction to Hand Building with Rosalie Midyette


Try your hand in clay with uncomplicated, practical techniques. You will learn about pinching, coiling and slab construction. These methods will open the door to your creativity, whether it is functional or sculptural. Students will begin with a vase like form, but extra points for customizing the plan towards your interests.  Finish your artwork with a variety of decorating techniques and glazes you will learn to apply. 


Materials included: 10lb clay, studio clear, white and black glaze


An introductory level class – no experience necessary.

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None

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