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Ceramica News ...Hello 2024!

Eastside Park Entrance
Mayco stoneware.JPG
Highwater, Standard & Laguna brand clays


In addition to throwing aids and tools we have increased tools for handbuilders including flexible rulers, bevel cutters, titanium carving tools and lots more from Xiem.  We now carry large and small uWedge Work Mats, adjustable thickness rolling pins and more textures from MKM & SanBao Transfers and decals too! 

Studio Supplies & more kiln parts...

We stock a large and wider selection of kiln shelves in full and half shelves from 10" up to 20" with many sizes in between. Kilnsitter bars, relays and thermocouples are also part of our permanent offerings. You can find several types of pyrometric cones and  many different heights of kiln posts, and kiln wash too.

NEW! NEW!! Offerings for you  include, GR Pottery Forms and Mayco Glazes that so many of you have requested. As always let us know if there is something you think we should offer in the store. Provide as much detail as you can (manufacturer, website, product description, etc) and we will take a look!


More Raku Firings coming.....

We will be adding more raku classes, hopefully one every month.

If you are interested in participating, check our Sign up for Classes page for details. It is an exciting and dynamic day when the raku kiln is going outside in our back parking lot. You can even stop by and check one out before you commit to participation. Once you see'll be hooked!


We will be loading a weekly list of clays in stock on our website ....on the CLAY!  Page. Check it out and see if we have one of your favorites from Highwater, Laguna, or Standard. Maybe there is something in new stock that you want to try. Bags are 25 pounds and the list shows price per pound.

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