Marina Bosetti

Influenced by the Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Movements, ceramic artist and tile-maker Marina Bosetti loves the idea of uniting organic and geometric forms into designs that flow and bring beauty to every day. Her tiles can be found in homes as wall murals, kitchen and bath backsplashes, countertops, sinks, tub, and fireplace surrounds. Each hand-made, hand-glazed Bosetti Art Tile project is unique.

Marina developed a wax-resist glaze technique through trial and error to discover it had a time-honored history going back to the 14th Century, called cuerda seca. She draws her image onto the clay then goes over it with a small brush and wax resist. Filling a slip trailer with glaze, she directs it into the waxed area using a paintbrush to move the liquid to the waxed line. This thick application creates a pool of colored glass that sits above the surface of the tile. The wax becomes a faux grout line while the glaze pool simulates a piece of tile: mimicking the look of a mosaic, the point of the technique.

Since graduating from Pratt Institute in 1982 with a BFA in sculpture, she has devoted her life to clay. Over the years, there has been a progression from sculpting to pottery to art tile and back again. Throughout it all, she's consistently worked to distill the sensual and spiritual aspects of nature into the easily accessible design, imagery, and easy-to-care-for, durable artwork.