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Julie Rowe

Growing up in western NY, Julie had a fascination with all types of clay very early on. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art from Brockport State College in NY.  For over almost 4 decades she has been exploring and practicing all styles of Ceramic Art. Whether it’s hand-building, wheel, functional or decorative she has experience with earthenware, stoneware and high fire porcelain. She has incorporated the use of underglazes, slip-trailing, majolica, and more. Ever curious, she never stops exploring and continues to learn something new all the time!


From 2010 through 2021 she was the Pottery Studio Manager and instructor for adult classes at the Clayton Community Center. She loves to share her knowledge and encourages students to explore new ideas and techniques as they go. 


Her motto for learning the wheel is “Patience, Practice and Perseverance!”

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