Fahad AlSuwaidi

Born in the United Arab Emirates, I moved to the U.S. and earned my Bachelors degree in Science Technology and Society, concentrating in Nuclear Engineering and minoring in Mathematics and Astrophysics At North Carolina State University.


As far as my academic Journey is from the arts,  I have dedicated my time during my bachelors years to learn and develop skills in ceramics, and have come to enjoy the act of creating.  During the same time, I ventured into the world of ceramics and pottery, and thoroughly enjoyed teaching classes at the Craft Center's pottery studio in North Carolina State University since 2014, a gift I would want to share with everyone. 

  • Week 1:  Introduction and Pinch Pots​


  • Week 2:  Coils and Coil Pots​


  • Week 3:  Slabs, tiles, and Molds​​​

  • Week 4:  Glazing Week 

  • Week 5:  Stiff/Hard Slabs

  • Week 6:  Sculptures